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Idiot TikToker Travels To Thirteen Cleveland Cities Because Twitter Told Him To

Who knew there was more than one city of Cleveland in the US, and who knew anybody cared about any other Cleveland besides Cleveland, OH!? Joey Kinsley, said Idiot TikToker, otherwise known as Sir Yacht on his social media platforms, has brought it to thousands of peoples attention and foolishly suggested the idea that any other Cleveland could be comparable.

He challenged his Twitter fans that if he were to get 10,000 likes on his tweet, then he would make the mapped out journey to visit the surrounding 13 cities in just 10 days. Sounds idiotic, right? Well, much to his surprise, the Twitter community surpassed his goal of likes in a matter of hours and turned this crazy idea of his “Cleveland World Tour” into a reality.  

Sir Yacht began his journey in Cleveland, NY and has since traveled to Cleveland, NC and Cleveland, FL. He documents his journey on TikTok, and by day 3 says “I drove 30 hours in over three days just for this fricken Cleveland sign” and that he’s “regretting this already very badly”. Go figure! It turns out not every city of Cleveland has as much to offer than our very own. Only kidding, kind of. 

Sir Yacht TikTok

While he is leaving the city of Cleveland, OH to explore others, he has made it a point to get someone from each city to say “GO BROWNS”, (so he hasn’t completely made this trip a waste). By the time he reached Cleveland, TX he started to see glimmers of Cleveland, Ohio through fellow browns fans. Other coincidences occurred as he arrived to Cleveland, MN and WI where he found special Browns hats in small town shops and a bar called The Muni. His TikTok's show the special apparel that are perfect for future tailgates at our own Muni Lot. 

Today he concludes his journey, and makes his way home after successfully completing the world tour. He updated his twitter followers with, “On my way back to the greatest city in the world, Cleveland, OH”. 

In all seriousness though, what started out as a crazy idea on social media, turned into a great opportunity for Kinsley. Throughout his journey, he gained sponsorships and donations that not only helped him, but also the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. Because of him and the help of his audience, his GoFundMe has raised more than $4,000 that will all go towards the fight against food insecurities. 

While it is obvious that no other Cleveland could or will compare to Cleveland, OH, this world tour has been a great way for people to connect and show love for their cities. It shined a light on the power of social media, community and Cleveland (whichever one you prefer). 

Make sure to look out for his YouTube channel where he will be uploading a more in-depth look at his Cleveland World Tour!

Story by
Catherine Conway