Grant Explores: Riding the RTA For the First Time!

Join Grant as he has his first experience riding the RTA Transit system! Watch along for tips about riding the RTA!

My first time using public transportation was as a tourist in New York City on a family vacation. Navigating the city’s famous subway system was easy, all I had to do was follow my mom’s directions. Beyond that experience many years ago, I have not had the opportunity to use good public transportation. The system where I am from in Indianapolis is lackluster to say the least. I have always wanted to take advantage of public transportation mainly due to all of the positives that come along with it. 

First and foremost is the affordability, rather than having to fill up my own gas tank weekly - it is easy to get a day pass and just hop on the bus or train and not have to worry about high gas prices. Another positive of using public transportation is its effect on the environment, getting single passenger cars off the streets goes a long way. And finally, the convenience of the whole system is really great, with the amount of stops I have seen around the city, you can get anywhere you need to.

The RTA makes it very easy for first time riders. I wasn’t sure how to buy tickets,  was going to have to go to a station or a kiosk, or buy one on my way onto the bus?  This is where the RTA CLE app on your phone comes into play, you just download the app and hop on there and get whatever type of pass you need. If you don't have a smart phone there are also multiple different ways of purchasing passes, including the website as well as in person.

Personally I think the one day pass is the easiest to use and it’s only five dollars for all day use. The RTA is also integrated with the Transit app which is great for planning out your trip if you are going somewhere that you aren’t familiar with. The app will map out your route as well as which bus or line you need to take to reach the spot. The rapid system was so easy to use, and it was such a bonus not having to worry about traffic while traveling across the whole city. 

I was surprised with how robust the system here in Cleveland is. There are multiple modes of transportation a passenger can take, whatever is best to their needs whether it be the buses or the train, or even a trolley! There are also great accessibility features for those riders who need it, and even allowing support animals onto the buses or trains. The RTA rarely shuts down because of weather conditions so for people who need it to get to work, to get groceries, or even to go have fun on a weekend there will always be a way to get there.

Thank you to the RTA for being so helpful in the process of making this video, it definitely eased my nerves of being a first time rider. And I hope that this video can be as helpful to you as it was to me, even if you are a veteran of using public transportation here in the City of Cleveland. I am glad that we have this system here and I feel much more confident in taking advantage of the RTA system here in the future.

Story by
Grant Quackenbush

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Grant Quackenbush

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